Jan 102014

Welcome to my site!  My original intent was to have a simple site so that someone who might be considering me for a music gig could get information and hear a song or two.  Speaking for myself, I certainly wouldn’t hire a musician without hearing them first!  So my husband Tim set up my Word Press account and my daughter Alyse did a lovely job with the design.  Then it was my turn and the project became dead-in-the-water!   I’m fairly tech savvy but it has taken me quite a while to figure out Word Press and get this thing going. How embarrassing! I finally decided to just go with what I have to this point and stop worrying about it. I have several videos ready to add and some newer audio tracks as well. I hope to crack the code soon and share them with you!

I was a member of Home Remedy String Band for about 15 years and we had a great run.  We tried to average about 3 shows a month. We traveled, we played, and we had a great time!  We lost two members to cancer and and after some thought we decided it was time to call it quits. If you go to the Home Remedy tab you will find a great deal of the content from Home Remedy’s old website. I like being able to keep it out there and available to the many people who supported us and became part of our music as well as keeping our dear friends close in our memories.

Home Remedy was an Appalachian band. I love the old-time, bluegrass, folk, and gospel music that we played but in the nearly 35 or so years I’ve been playing and singing I have enjoyed singing everything from show tunes to outlaw country! Give me a nice bluesy number, let me bend a few notes, and I’ll be your friend forever!  I enjoy playing a variety of genres in a show as well as putting together custom sets for different occasions.

I missed performing after the band broke up so after some thought I decided to start playing solo again.  In music one thing always seems to lead to another and it will be fun to see where this takes me.  Already my daughter Alyse and I have started putting together a set of songs.  I can’t wait to post a couple videos.  Spoiler alert: There are ukeleles involved!

Please pass the word if you hear about an event that sounds like it might be right for me.  I think there is enough content here to give you an idea what I do.  I will keep wrestling technology until I master the audio/video thing and post a few updated songs soon!

Keep singing!



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